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Becoming something new.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I have to apologize for the delayed post on here. Due to holidays, family events, and increased work demand which I'm thankful for I have neglected my posting on here. I wanted to post about something that I am passionate about which is recreating yourself or becoming the person you desire to be. Many people including myself are constantly growing and in that growth often discouragement can set into delaying or stopping a person from trying to meet their desired self.

The hardest and biggest step to making a true life change is taking the first step. Starting your journey can be difficult especially if you have what EMDR therapy would call Negative cognitions. Which are self-talk or deeply ingrained negative beliefs about yourself? Often times our desire for a better job, owning a business, stopping an addiction, becoming more open in our relationships or marriage all can seem to against the grain of the person. People often will blame their issues rightfully so often on their past, their current life, or their personality saying things like "it's just who I am". I would purpose though that when people desire true change and have the motivation to do something about their desire the limitations above are worth pushing through the struggle to achieve their goals.

Everyone has experienced situations where a negative belief was brought into their life. Whether the source is from a parent, school teacher, friend, or a personal failure or mistake. Its natural for us to hold on to the memory of our pain in order to avoid anything that would agitate that negative belief. When a negative belief creeps in I want to challenge you to be brave and think off of the things that motivate you to make your desired change. The journey may be hard but the payoff even if its 1% towards that your goal is 1% closer to your desired self which is closer than you had been previous to trying.

I hope this post motivates people to make the first step they need to start their journey towards their 1%. Let your happiness be grounded in your progress, not your circumstances.

Aaron Martinez M.Ed. LPC

Family Therapist / Owner of Still Water Therapy

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