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Counselor Position

Still Water Therapy

Is a counseling office who is looking for qualified counselors with the conviction of helping provide life changing therapy to its clients. We are looking for Christian counselors who hold their faith as a strength  in their personal life as well within their therapeutic process. We are seeking to hire a clinically sound and professional therapist with the ability to integrate Christian values within their therapy at each clients individual level. 


Counselor Job Summary

The counselor will be responsible for helping people manage and overcome mental and emotional issues. The counselor will listen to patients and ask questions to help understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives. The counselor will diagnose, treat, and help patients create coping strategies. Will counsel, listen, support, and monitor the patient for progress. The counselor will work with individuals and groups and will help provide community resources for patients.

Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Diagnosing patient mental and emotional disorders

  • Working and counseling groups, communities, and individual patients

  • Evaluating patient through conversations, interviews, and observations to determine correct testing or examination

  • Developing a treatment plan that may include counseling, medication, or other services

  • Setting patient goals and discussing a treatment plan

  • Encouraging, supporting, and listening to patients

  • Helping patients discuss experiences and emotions

  • Assisting patients through difficult life changes and challenges

  • Educating the patient on strategies and coping skills

  • Referring patients to resources like psychiatrists, treatment facilities, or community services

  • Accessing patient needs, and developing strategies to help the patient

  • Maintaining good working relationships with support networks, government resources, and community resources

  • Advising and guiding patients through difficult decisions

  • Helping patients with a variety of issues such as substance abuse, bullying, anger management, depression, relationships, stress and suicide

Counselor Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possesses superb written and spoken communication skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with patients, colleagues, and community resources

  • Compassionate and caring of patients

  • Excellent time management skills; organized and able to prioritize

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with multiple patients

  • Able to organize and manage large amounts of files, schedules, dates, and information

  • Calm and cool-headed with a positive attitude

  • Self-directed and self-motivated

  • Comfortable with building personal relationships and dedicated to helping others

  • Empathetic and supportive with mentorship and leadership skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field; Master’s degree in psychology, clinical mental health counseling, marriage, and family therapy, or a related mental health field.

  • Hold a license to perform in-state; licensed by either through the State of Texas examination board.

  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)

  • Good interpersonal skills and communication skills

For further information please contact and or leave a resume at the below email.

(361) 524-8631

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